Themed Areas

Welcome to the largest ski area in the universe: The Three Valleys, complete with 200 mechanical lifts and 330 pistes totalling over 600km of ski slopes.The Courchevel Ski Area guarantees quality snow throughout the season for perfect skiing conditions.... Wheather you're a beginner or a high-level skier, a lover of big open spaces, a family skier or a rider.

The Courchevel ski area is equipped with serveral themed fun areas, dedicated to the pleasures of winter sports, that is suitable for beginners and seasoned skiers alike.

The Amazing Ski Area With Its Vast Amount Of Snow And Pleasant Views

ZEN Zones

If this is your first time skiing, our ZEN Zones are there to ensure you can make progress in peace and quiet. These spaces are designed exclusively for children and families who want to get started with winter sports while remaining ZEN. These Zones Exclusively for Novices have been specially developed to protect beginners by offering them wide, secure, carefully maintained pistes. There are four ZEN Zones within the Courchevel ski area: two in Courchevel 1850 (one by the Altiport and the other by the practice area), one in Courchevel 1650 (by the departure point for the Mickey ski-lift), and one at the foot of the cable cars in Le Praz, by the Envolée ski lift.

Stop Zone

So, you want to test your braking abilities and see how good you are at stopping?! Get down to the Stop Zone, situated on the Grandes Bosses piste in Courchevel 1650. The aim of this test is very simple. Launch yourself down the in run track and stop as quickly as possible, by controlling your braking, as soon as you have completely passed the indicator marking the start of the stopping zone. If you manage to stop within the blue zone, your braking skills are up to scratch. If you stop in the red zone, you need to watch out! You need to moderate your speed to match your ability level. Whatever the case, make the most of the sensations provided by winter sports and enjoy yourself in total safety by respecting other skiers.

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Avalanche Camp

If you want to take a more technical approach to winter sports and mountain activities: the ski patrols are waiting for you every Wednesday and Saturday, from 9.30am, at the Avalanche´ Camp chalet, situated at the foot of the Suisses chairlift. The aim of this area is to make you aware of the dangers of the mountains and the risks you run by skiing off-piste. In the hands of the ski patrol, you will learn techniques for finding avalanche victims using avalanche beacons (also known as ARVAs), spades and probes. You will also learn lifesaving first-aid techniques. The Pistes Service provides the equipment used in these sessions so that you can practice with the ski patrol.

Take To The Slopes At Courehevel

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Indien´s Piste

A piste specially designed for children! Set off in search of Gray Wolf! The chief of the tribe is waiting for you to share the history of his people. He invites you to become a member of his tribe and has a host of fun activities in store to do with the Indian people. Take part in the treasure trail around the tepee village, or learn to make ritual objects. Come and enjoy these activities that combine activities with winter sports!! Discoveries and smiles guaranteed!

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Funny Zones

For adrenalin junkies, come and see where you stand among your friends by attempting the Snowcross trail on the La Loze piste, or come and try out the most impressive tricks and manoeuvres in the Courchevel Railpark. The aim of the Snowcross trail is as follows: four people start at the same time and the first to arrive at the bottom is the winner!! But take care: the piste is full of pitfalls! There are whoops and other banked curves to contend with, while going as quickly as possible and, above all, without falling. Mind out for knocks and falls!! Have fun without hurting yourself!!

Even The Kids Can Have Fun On The Slopes At The Courchevel Funzone

Railpark, on the other hand, is the new freestyle concept that replaces the old snowpark by the Plantrey chair lift. Take advantage of the only Railpark in the Three Valleys, complete with various rail and box modules. On site, you will be welcomed by two Railpark Rangers ready to advise you, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider. Both of these spaces are open to all skiers, big and small!

The Courchevel ski area has something for everyone, whatever your ability level, age, style or discipline, whatever you feel like doing, so that you leave with unforgettable memories.

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