Health Insurance

There is no statutory inoculation required for visiting France.

Medical responsibility for a foreign tourist who is taken ill in France

Citizens from member states of the European Economic Area (25 countries EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) must obtain a European health insurance card (EHIC) from their own social security office.

Warning IconNote:

That, since 1st June 2004, the E111 form has been gradually replaced by the EHIC. For such individuals on holiday in France, the Social Security authorities will apply the basic French rate for treatment. Moreover, to avoid long delays in reimbursement and advances of potential expenses, there is an approved list of doctors and hospitals available at the consulate or the French embassy.

Warning IconImportant:

The French overseas territories (New Caledonia, Polynesia, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon), the Channel Islands and all the countries outside the European Economic Area (except Switzerland) are excluded from this directive.

For citizens from countries outside the European Economic Area, it is essential to obtain information on the options and methods of reimbursement from their local social security office before they leave on holiday and then provide the relevant invoices on returning home. The French Social Security authorities do not reimburse medical treatment for non-EU citizens.