Time To Relax

Breathe deeply, you are in Courchevel

Courchevel's location at the heart of Olympic Savoy, abutting the Vanoise National Park and rising from 1100 to 1850 meters, makes it a remarkable destination where one may benefit from all of the healthful effects of an alpine holiday. And there is no need to be a super athlete to take advantage of the mountains when you have a choice of mountain pathways or silent, ultra-modern lifts to take you as high as 2800m.

Recharge your batteries

Ideally, your holiday should help you escape daily routine and its accompanying stress. In Courchevel, peace, relaxation and invigoratingly fresh alpine landscapes are there above all to help you unwind and recharge your spiritual and physical batteries. Start by leaving your car in the garage. Resort to resort shuttles are free and an impressive network of lifts ferry you between 1300 and 2800m in comfort and silence (with the bonus of being environmentally friendly!).

Relax And Put Your Feet Up At Courchevel

Siestas, shady trees... One of summer's highpoints.

Imagine, if you will, a tender mattress of fresh grass, a scented spruce as shady parasol, the lullaby of birdsong, and Morpheus as your napping companion...

Daily naps do one good, especially when taken in one of the beautiful spots that abound in Courchevel. Why not start with the slopes of Bellecôte, at 1800m, where a delightful mix of grassy and wooded terrain offer an ideal place to find the restorative, contemplative peace you seek. No good trying to resist, it´s off to dreamland you go!

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Picnics, a gustatory "must" on a fine summer day.

Whether taken with family or friends, a picnic provides a perfect blend of sociability and a love of good food. Spread your blanket on the banks of Lake Rosière and take in the luxuriant conifer forest that serves as your backdrop. A magnificent barbecue area (barbecues in Le Praz, in Les Grandes Combes and Plan du Vah - free access) that can accommodate up to 40 visitors has been constructed of wood and stone in this lovely, peaceful area at the foot of the Avals Valley.

Here, you have free reign to nap under a tree, play games or simply daydream!

Have A Picnic While At Courchevel

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